For Customers: 

What is a ghost/dark/virtual kitchen?

We turn underused commercial kitchen space into takeout delivery hubs —boosting existing kitchens and generating another revenue stream for them. Most restaurants only run at 60% capacity, so we are here to fill the other 40%!

We call it a “ghost” kitchen because it is not a sit-down restaurant experience. It is only offered as a virtual experience, meaning, on food delivery platforms. They are described as ghost kitchens for this reason, because they exist but you just don’t see them.

Are you halal?

All of our locations are using halal-certified products. Select stores (listed under locations) will have (HALAL) next to their name if they do not have any pork in the venues they prep the food out of.

Where are you located?

See locations HERE

Where do you sell your food?

Currently MrBeast Burger is only available on UberEats, and our website directly.

For Partners:

How do I get more info on becoming a partner with you?

Fill out the form HERE
We’d love to connect with you and hear more about your business!

How do I know if this would bring good value to my business?

- We ask you to provide the chefs and facilities you already have and prep the food in their spare time, maximising profit potential within your bricks and mortar store.
- You operate as you would in your restaurant, but we do everything else for you.Little start-up cost, low-risk investment.
- Ongoing support throughout the entire process. Our most successful partners are the ones who genuinely care the most about their business and the quality of food they give out. It truly reflects!
- Multiple brands, one kitchen $$$$

What are the requirements to become a partner?

- You are a restaurant, cafe or hospitality venue
- A fryer and grill, at the minimum
- Good trading hours
- Sell a similar type of food already in a brick-and-mortar F&B facility such as a pub, hotels, restaurants, and even stadiums!

How fast can I get this going?

Within 2-3 weeks typically. Our onboarding team first sets you up with the suppliers, training & technology, then we can get started!

What does VBA do for me after I sign up?

We manage the marketing, growth and quality control for each one of the brands. 

How much money will I make from this?

We can have our Business Development Managers contact you once you fill out our form of interest and discuss this. Either way, it’s a no-brainer. It will cover extra unexpected expenses, recent rent increases, cost of goods increasing and inflation.